Yellowstone Bourbon Review

Yellowstone Limited Edition Bourbon Review

A delicious blend of rye and wheat.

Limestone Branch distillery recently revived the Yellowstone bourbon line to honor the 105th anniversary of the distillery’s original sale back in 1910, and were kind enough to send me a bottle to review. This blend of three bourbon’s, a 12 year old rye, a 7 year old wheat, and another 7 year rye. You can click here to read more about the bourbon’s provenance and some from their press release, but for now onto the tasting notes:

Nose: Espresso and creamy vanilla, toasted oak, heavy spice notes from the rye’s, cinnamon and pepper.

Taste: Immediate rye spice hits you but is quickly followed by a honeyed caramel, with toasted oak again and grains [likely from the wheated bourbon]. As this begins to fade the overall taste to me reminds me of a breakfast cereal called Honey Bunches of Oh’s.

Finish: The burn doesn’t make it all the way down your throat, but the finish is very dry and tannic. The espresso notes from the nose come in here, along with the vanilla, and a leathery savor. With as much fire as this has up front I was surprised at how short the burn was.

This is a delicious expression for those that like their whiskey spicy and dry rather than an overly sweet and thick rye. It doesn’t coat the mouth or linger as long as I was expecting, but it does leave you salivating for more. With it being a blend of some medium age whiskies, I expected it to have a bit more complexity than it does, it’s got most of its flavour up front and the finish is quick and short which is disappointing because the initial flavours you get are delicious… but I suppose that’s more incentive to take another sip of it.

Yellowstone Bourbon comes in at about $100 USD, which I think is a bit high if we’re just judging this whiskey on taste alone. I would definitely be comfortable paying in the $60 – $70 range for it; the high price is likely due to the limited nature of the whiskey and the fact that they transferred the 7 year old bourbon’s into the 12 year old rye’s barrels to give it additional depth before bottling. So for the average weekend warrior, this bottling may not be for you. But for the collector, the limited nature of this release and the revival of the Yellowstone line make this a worthwhile pick up for your collection as there are only 6,000 bottles available.

Leave your thoughts about Yellowstone in the comments below and keep your eyes peeled for their Yellowstone Select release early in the new year.



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