Workhorse Rye India Pear Bitters

Workhorse Rye India Pear Bitters

Incredibly complex and entirely delicious.

Workhorse Rye was kind enough to send me over a sample of their India Pear bitters and they are mind blowingly complex. They feature 30+ ingredients and after reading the list and multiple tastings… I can pull out almost every one individually and what they bring to the mix, the best word I can use to describe these is balanced.

Built on a base of Magnolia Brewing’s “Proving Ground IPA,” it’s only appropriate that these include organic Mt. Hood pears as well as Buddah’s Hand fruit and leaves from Tenalu Farms, Workhorse strives to use as many organic and local ingredients as possible in their products, which is something that always endears me to a product or brand.

On top of the IPA, pears, and Buddah’s Hand, you can easily distinguish notes of celery seed, mace, tumeric [you get a lot of this], cardamom that doesn’t overpower you thank god, ginger, fenugreek, and a couple different kinds of citrus. This is very spice and herb forward and would do well with many oaky bourbon’s I feel. This isn’t your run of the mill bitters that focus on one or two flavours; they’ve managed to combine elements and spices from many different regions of the world and come up with a product that is at both times very Mediterranean and distinctively Asian in its flavour profile. Nothing is overwhelms you and even the ingredients that tend to hijack flavour profiles like cardamom and ginger find their place and play nice with their contemporaries.

Workhorse recommends this as an addition to:

  • Anything involving rum, from an Aged Rum Old Fashioned to a Daiquiri
  • Bright curry, especially with coconut milk and vibrant vegetables
  • Vinaigrettes: add 1-3 sleeves per person in the dressing or drop right on top of a salad
    • I would definitely recommend this with some goat cheese on a salad.
  • With Saison or any light beer, just dropped on top or in beer cocktails
    • I can definitely see this enhancing certain beers.

This is one of their staple products and should be readily available. Keep your eyes peeled for my review of their near sold out Finger Lime & Cacao cocktail augmenters coming soon.

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