Wood Bros. – The Muse

The Wood Brothers, bluegrass and folk band singing their single The Muse

As I sit on the edge of this dirty old bar…

I had the pleasure of seeing the Wood Bros. a couple of years back at the FreshGrass festival in Massachusetts. They played the Saturday night closing gig and I’d been sipping on Knob Creek all day, enjoying the fantastic vibes of some of bluegrass & folk’s finest. The whole festival was an outdoor affair save for each night’s closing sets, they were indoors in the Mass Museum of Contemporary art’s auditorium.

I found myself a chair off to the side, well whiskied and content to just listen and people watch. I’d heard of the Wood Bros. before but never listened to them. They opened with “The Muse,” which you can listen to below, and it ripped right through me. Each of the three verses is so perfectly written and you can put together the visuals in your head so easily as they sing and string it along. I still get goosebumps thinking about this song and that night.

They’ve got a new CD out on October 2nd entitled “Paradise,” I can’t wait to give it a listen.


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