A Legacy of Destruction

We will be remembered more what what we destroy than what we create. Quote by Chuck Palahniuk

This generation and the previous few have done some extreme damage to this world in the name of progress, capitalism, and greed. Even some of the most altruistic endeavors have hurt this planet as much as they’ve helped. As much as I love bourbon, one of the governing laws is that to be considered bourbon it has to be aged in new oak casks, which to most bourbon companies, then become unusuable.

Many companies will sell their once used barrels to other whiskey companies for reuse, experimentation, or other companies that don’t care about their whiskey being designated a bourbon. Jameson, for example, buys hundreds of thousands of first, second, and even third fill bourbon casks to age their whiskey in before then recycling or again selling off these barrels.

All this to say, recycle your bottles folks either directly, use them to store sauces, syrups, oil, even dry spices. I had a very large collection of empty bottles at one point [almost 200] and I donated them to several college students for them to use for a recyclable art project. We’ve only got one planet, take care of it.


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