The Whiskey Smash Cocktail Recipe

The Whiskey Smash Cocktail Recipe from the PDT Cocktail Book & Dale Degroff, aka King Cocktail

It’ll help convince your friends to drink whiskey.

The Whiskey Smash, from the PDT Cocktail Book walks the line between a Mint Julep & a Whiskey Sour, and manages to bring out the best of both. The father of this cocktail, Dale DeGroff said “I created this drink at the Rainbow Room, where I served it to folks who proclaimed they would never drink whiskey.”

While I can see how this would convert or at least ease a non-whiskey drinker into it, the cocktail manages to be at all times refreshing, sweet, tart, and doesn’t lose any of the rye spice especially on the finish. Give it a whirl, I promise it’s worth your time, especially heading into the fall season.

The Whiskey Smash Recipe:

  • 2oz Rittenhouse Bonded Rye Whiskey
  • .75oz Simple Syrup
  • 3 Lemon Wedges
  • 6 Mint Leaves + Sprig to Garnish

Muddle the lemon wedges, mint leaves and simple syrup. Add the rye, then shake with ice and fine strain into a chilled rocks glass filled with ice. [I opted for light ice on mine.]

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