The Queen Anne Cocktail Recipe

The Queen Ann Cocktail with Sazerac Rye whiskey, Dolin dry vermouth, and Black Cloud Peach & Saffron Bitters

This will beat your mimosa any day.

There are a number of cocktails that are considered breakfast worthy and if you’re looking to expand your horizon’s beyond the ubiquitous mimosa but still keep the citrus / acidic element, the Queen Anne is for you. Here’s the recipe:

Combine all elements in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake for about 30 seconds and strain into a cocktail coupe or glass. Garnishes are optional here but a slice of pineapple or strawberry on the rim or a maraschino cherry in it wouldn’t be remiss. As a side note, the original recipe calls for a peach bitters but really any fruit based bitters would do well here.

The Queen Anne cocktail is one of those fun little drinks where if you remove one ingredient [the bitters] it becomes a different cocktail with it’s own name, the Algonquin. According to Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails by Ted Haigh:

The cocktail was named for the New York hotel that was once home to the Algonquin Round Table – both the piece of furniture and the archetypes of ruthless literary cleverness. Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, George Kaufman, and Edna Ferber were among the latter [that drank there – sic.]

So give one of these cocktails a whirl at your next brunch and see how it goes over, either one is extremely easy to batch make and keep cold in a pitcher after initial dilution for ease of service.


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