The Oka White Oak Whiskey Tumbler


The Oka White Oak Wooden Whiskey Tumbler on Kickstarter

The whiskey’s journey ends almost at its beginning.

After the massive success of the Norlan whiskey tasting glass on Kickstarter, it’s not surprising to see a new contender rise in its wake. The Oka Whiskey Tumbler goes in a completely different direction, instead of using the science of glass, it goes back to one of the things responsible for giving whiskey its signature taste and colour in the first place, the wood itself.

Conceived from the delight and desire of drinking whiskey straight from the cask, Oka tumbler’s are made from premium American white oak, the same thing bourbon barrels are made from, and come with a charred interior, just like the barrels themselves.

How the Oka White Oak Wooden Whiskey Tumbler from Kickstarter Works, a GIF

Turned from two pieces of wood, the main barrel portion of the tumbler and the base, each one is meticulously crafted, turned, and individually fired before being assembled. The round shape is meant to fit comfortably in the hand and the slightly tapered rim is reminiscent of the classic Glencairn glass. Check out these beautiful GIF’s from the creation of an OKA tumbler:

Charring of the Oka Wooden Tumbler from Kickstarter

That delicious burn…

Turning of the Oka White Oak Tumbler from Kickstarter

The theory behind this unique glass is that the OKA absorbs aroma of alcohol and enhances the pleasant flavors of whiskey which become much softer and more pleasant compared to a glass tumbler. It’s the same theory behind the Norlan whiskey glass, but achieved through different means, removing the harsh ethanol scents and tastes to allow you to enjoy the true spirit.

Will the Oka be able to achieve this? We’re going to find out because as of right now it’s well over it’s initial funding goal and still has about 10 days until the Kickstarter closes. There’s still time to get in on the initial run and I’ll certainly be picking up one or two to try out, you won’t be able to get them in time for Christmas but they would make a great future gift for the bourbon lover in your life. Whiskey lovers have been calling for new and better ways to taste the water of life for years and it’s great to see that their prayers are finally being answered through both science and crowd funding.

Check out the Oka White Oak Whiskey Tumbler on Kickstarter.

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