The Home Copper Pot Whiskey Still

Copper Pot Whiskey Still for Home Distilling

All I want for Christmas…

I feel like every whiskey enthusiast gets to a point where they at least dream about distilling their own dram of bourbon, scotch, or rye. It’s a laborious process that you’ll likely dump a ton of money and time into before getting an even remotely drinkable moonshine, let alone having the patience to barrel your booze and wait for it to mature. The Kings County Guide to Urban Moonshining does a fantastic job of outlining just how difficult and fraught with unforeseen speedbumps the process can be, despite that, it hasn’t dissuaded me from desiring to one day distill my very own hooch.

For us backyard enthusiasts without a ton of space or capital, there’s the Whiskey Still Company. They make miniature and manageable stills in a number of sizes ranging from 1 to 10 gallons, depending on  your space and ambition [or maybe consumption?] These real, handmade copper pot stills can be used indoors or out, depending on your space and heat source, and also happen to look fantastic when not in use. They come with a quick start guide and you can easily find loads of information online or in the above mentioned guide to Urban Moonshining.

There’s the added bonus of being able to distill other types of spirits in your home still like vodka, gin, brandy, and more but really, why would you waste your time? [Kidding.] I know what I’ve got my heart set on for Christmas this year and if any of you want to get a whiskey loving stranger a gift… well, hint hint. The stills come with everything you need to get started, minus your organic ingredients, and you can pick yours up by clicking here.

Best of luck in your adventures! Cheers.

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