The Chocolate Manhattan


The Chocolate Manhattan Recipe by Whiskey Writes

Chocolate Manhattan Whiskey Cocktail with Kings County Distillery Chocolate Whiskey, Bittermilk Mole Bitters, and Carpano Antica Vermouth.

Sometimes, you just get an inspiration out of nowhere, though often they don’t come on Monday’s. Was trying to think up something to use my Kings County Distillery Chocolate flavored whiskey in and I recalled the chocolate undertones of Carpano Antica vermouth and voila, the Chocolate Manhattan:

Combine all liquid ingredients and stir with ice, then strain into a chilled martini glass. Use a serrated knife to cut a small slice into the Ferrero Rocher and place it on the rim. While the chocolate is definitely present in the flavours of this cocktail, it actually came out tasting very much like a dry and smokey red wine. While it may not be an instant classic, it was fun to make and experiment with.



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