The Blinker Cocktail Recipe

The Blinker Whiskey Cocktail with Grapefruit, Bonne Maman raspberry preserves, and Bulleit rye whiskey

Surprising flavour for so few ingredients…

The Blinker is a vintage cocktail recipe unearthed by and included in Ted Haigh’s book “Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails.” Ted, aka Dr. Cocktail is a life long libation enthusiast who is about as close to a cocktail archaeologist as they come. This cocktail would find itself at home in most seasons, but despite it’s fruity base, I think it’s a lovely mellow fall drink that would be right at home at the Thanksgiving dinner table or even large scale in punch form. Here’s the recipe:

Combine all ingredients and shake with ice, strain into a chilled cocktail coupe with no garnish.

The simple syrup and the sugary raspberry preserves help mellow out the bitter grapefruit’s tartness. Though the grapefruit and whiskey can clearly be felt on the long, slow burn finish. It’s yet another cocktail that is perfect to serve up to those that maintain “I’ll never like whiskey drinks…” Give this to them without telling them what’s in it and I guarantee they won’t know what hit them.


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