Pete Seeger – Rye Whiskey

Pete Seeger - Rye Whiskey

In music, legends live on, cheers.

Pete Seeger was a living legend, prolific promoter of American folk music, activist in both music and during the American Civil Rights Era, and so much more. Aside from his immensely popular personal and original music, he also kept alive many classic folk, Americana, and mountain songs that survived by oral tradition.

One of these songs, “Whiskey, Rye Whiskey” was first recorded as Jack of Diamonds in the 1930’s but had existed long before that in many hills and hollers throughout the midwest and northeast United States. Take a listen below, and raise a glass to Mr. Seeger who hasn’t even been gone from us two years, and make sure you’ve got a fine glass of American Rye to cheers with.

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