Old Fashioned, The Book

the Old Fashioned, book by Robert Simonson

The world first classic cocktail gets it’s own book.

As much as I love experimenting with whiskey cocktails when I go out, if I’m not drinking it neat, I tend to go with a simple Old Fashioned. I also judge a bar & bartender by the quality of their Old Fashioned. If I’m sitting at a well stocked bar with more than just a bottle of Angostura, I’ll often leave it up to the bartender to serve me his favourite combo.

That being said, Robert Simonson has compiled a book about the history, evolution, modern twists, and lore surrounding the worlds first classic whiskey cocktail; aptly titled “The Old-Fashioned.” It’s a must for any whiskey, bourbon, and rye lover and fits in perfectly on any bar bookshelf. Keep an eye out for some recipes from here in upcoming Old Fashioned Friday posts.

What’s your favourite way to make an Old Fashioned?

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