Old Fashioned Friday

Blood Oath whiskey Old Fashioned with Bitters Lab Charred Cedar & Currant bitters, Dashfire Lavender Tincture, and Filthy Black Cherries

Now this is a proper dessert drink.

I don’t often have a sweet tooth, but one hit me tonight and I decided to experiment with this week’s Old Fashioned Friday. Here’s what I did:

  • 2 oz Blood Oath Bourbon
  • 1 Demerara Sugar Cube
  • 3 Dashes Bitters Lab – Charred Cedar & Currant Bitters
  • 2 Dashes Dashfire – Lavender Tincture
  • Splash of Water
  • 2 Filthy Black Cherries for Garnish

Douse the sugar cube in the bitters, tincture, and water and muddle until mostly dissolved. Add whiskey, your ice cube, and stir for a few seconds to combine. Garnish, on a cocktail pick, with your black cherries.

I chose the Blood Oath because of it’s rye and wheat sweetness. The bitters & tincture I chose for their more floral rather than herbal or spice notes because the rye brings along plenty of heat on its own. I didn’t want to drop the cherries in because I felt that would be a bit over the top, but the bit of their juice that leaked down the pick was enough and they were a perfect way to finish off the drink.

Cheers. What’s in your glass tonight?

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