Old Fashioned Friday

Old Fashioned Friday - Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey & Bar 40 Bitters

Experimenting… for science!

This week’s Old Fashioned Friday is less about flavour combo’s, more about playing with my Bar40 Bitters and learning their in’s and outs a bit better. As I mentioned, Bar40 bitters are less about a singular flavour or combination, but more about altering the way you taste the drink itself or balancing out a cocktail that may be almost there, but not quite.

This week I took Wild Turkey’s sweet light rye, a standard white sugar cube, and added some Bar40 Salt & Umami bitters incrementally to see what they would do. As I’m you know salt opens up flavour receptors more which enhances the experience of a drink and Umami plays to the more savory side of your palate. Rye whiskey, for me, is often too sweet or has an alcohol bitterness that just turns me off, especially Canadian rye. The sugar in the Old Fashioned helps cut the bitterness and I slowly added the Salt and Umami to help balance it out to a more sippable and almost bourbon like Old Fashioned. You still got the rye spice and sweetness from the sugar, but the Umami brought in the savory notes that might not otherwise have shown up with this particular recipe; and the salt cut down the sweetness so it didn’t over power.


Muddle all ingredients until well mixed, add an ice cube, and stir. I didn’t add a garnish to this as I wanted to focus more on the bitters themselves and see what they did. Depending on the rye you use, you’ll want to adjust the bitters quantities to suit your tastes.


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