Old Fashioned Friday

High West Son of Bourye & Hella Bitters Smoked Chili Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail

Spice is nice…

This week’s Old Fashioned Friday is spicy as all get out, because I needed to start my weekend with a kick. High West’s Son of Bourye has all of the delicious spice of rye with the pepper and oaky-ness of a young bourbon. Combine that with Hella Bitter’s Smoked Chili and you’ve got one hell of a firestorm of flavour. Here’s the recipe:

Muddle the sugar, water, and bitters [with my 125 year old Spalted Maple Burl muddler from L’Atelier Midnight Wood]. Add whiskey and a cube of ice, stir, and garnish with a lemon and orange twist. Call it a wake up, call it scorched earth, either way it’s a deliciously fiery Old Fashioned that got this southern raised man ready for the weekend.


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