New Product – Bar40 Bitters

Bar40 Cocktail Bitters - Umami, Salt, Sour, & Sweet

These ain’t your momma’s bitters…

Received a lovely little package today from Bar40 Bitters out of Toronto. I love getting bitters and cocktail ingredients from craft makers in my country, it’s just so great to see that this is a worldwide movement to innovate and make better ingredients & better cocktails.

Bar40 Bitters sets themselves apart in a bitters boom filled with so many different spices, herbs, and flavour combinations. Instead of focusing on the flavour of the bitters themselves they take the various components of taste, both on your tongue and in the cocktail itself, and aim to enhance, impart, mellow, suppress, or further impart specific nuances to your cocktails. If their flavours sound familiar to you it’s likely because you heard them in elementary school biology class when talking about the various flavour centers of your tongue. They’ve got:

  • Umami [Savory]
  • Sweet
  • Salty
  • Sour

All focused on doing different things to your libations. My impending review of these won’t be a traditional one, I will explain what these will do in various cocktails and how each particular one, when used alone or in conjunction, can alter and improve classic and even more complex cocktails.

Cheers and thank you Jamie for sending these over.

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