Manhattan Monday

Manhattan Whiskey Cocktail with Tuthilltown Spirits Hudson Four Grain Bourbon, Black Cloud Bitters Charred Cedar, and Antica Formula Vermouth

A whirlwind of flavour.

When you’re gifted whiskey, it’s a shame not to put it to good use… and the sooner the better. This Manhattan Monday I winged and experimented my way through it to achieve a balance. First, the recipe:

As usual, stir over ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

This one was tricky and it’s not a perfect Manhattan, but it has it’s merits. The Hudson Four Grain Bourbon is delicious, but young. It’s very spicy even to the point of harshness, but it shines through on the finish where you get the rye spice, the wheat and corn sweetness, and the bit of smoke from the barley. As such I went with the Carpano Antica Formula vermouth as it lacks the spicier qualities of Martini sweet vermouth and goes for more of a true and cocoa sweetness which I figured would blend well with the bourbon.

I went with the Black Cloud Charred Cedar bitters because they’re not intensely bitter [which I don’t think this particular blend needed] and they add a sort of perfume and nuance that both pervious ingredients lacked. I stirred this Manhattan a bit longer than normal, tasting it as I did [from dips in with a straw] and added more bitters as I went. It took a lot more bitters than usual, not due to a lack of potency… the Four Grain Bourbon is just that strong.

This is definitely a more manly martini [for lack of a better way to describe it] if I make it again, I’ll likely add in some Bar40 Bitters Umami to try and round it out just that much more.


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