Jack Daniels Single Barrel Trio Intro

Jack Daniels Single Barrel trio, Barrel Select, Rye, and Barrel Proof.

The holy trinity of Jack.

Jack Daniel’s as a brand needs no introduction, the classic Tennessee whiskey has been one of the dominant players in American hooch for the past 150 years. They’ve released many formula’s in that time from classic green and gold labels, distillers editions, and over the past few years a trio of top shelf single barrel offerings.

The original their “Select” is simply a sampling of some of their exceptional barrels culled from high up in their rick houses, affectionately named “the Angel’s Roost.” Single Barrel Select comes in at 94 Proof [47% ABV] and each barrel number, rick location, and bottling date is printed on the label that adorns the bottle neck. In addition to the standard Select, it comes in two other minor variants, the Single Barrel 100 Proof and the Silver Select which represents bottles singled out for unique taste and aromatics by their master tasters.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, Barrel Proof is exactly what it sounds like. No cut, no water added, just whiskey straight from the barrel like the good lord intended. These bottles can range anywhere from 125 to 140 Proof [62.5% and 70% ABV respectively.] My personal bottle is 132.30 Proof [62.15% ABV] and as you can imagine, it packs a punch both in strength and in flavour.

Finally, and most recently, the Lynchburg distillery released their Single Barrel Rye which was pre-dated by their unaged white rye in 2012. Jack Daniel’s worked on their rye offering long and hard, rumored to have been in the works for the better part of a decade, it’s something they wanted to get right before releasing their first full new mashbill on to the market in over 100 years.

Due to the single barrel nature of these releases, no two will be exactly the same and your mileage may vary, especially with the barrel proof. However, having spent a little time with these spirits, these are in my opinion the absolute the best offerings Jack Daniel’s has ever released; both for the price and the quality of the spirit themselves. I’ve tasted everything from vintage green label all the way up to the Sinatra Century and Select editions.

I’ll be posting reviews of the three of these over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled.

If you’ve tried them, what is your favourite of the three JD Single Barrel releases?

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  • Janelle says:

    I purchased and tried the Barrel Proof today. I’m a WhistlePig drinker, and not usually a fan of Jack, but this one stood out because it boasted that it was straight from the barrel and a little brown sugar flavor (I’m a fan of brown sugar in any form). Has a great smell with the pour which drew me in a little more. It has a beautiful dark amber hue, and with the first sip, you better have every intention on sitting still for awhile. It’s definitely strong. It has a great slightly numbing feeling which I assume comes from not being cut. I’m not great at pointing out notes, but it definitely has that sweet brown sugar taste, but not like that sugary feel that some bourbons have (yes, I’m aware this isn’t bourbon). It’s definitely not one for drinking one after the other for a night out, but definitely a perfect after dinner or chill night option. And for the price point, I’d still ration it out only to the friends I really know could appreciate it. I haven’t paired a cigar with it, but I imagine that based on my preference, it may not be my choice for paring. Just personal preference. Maybe with a good Cuban, as the smoothness of the cigar may actually compliment it well. But I don’t keep a box of those laying around, and until I can get them consistency, I’ll be skipping the cigar with it.

    I haven’t tried the other two, but based on how much I enjoyed this one, I’m looking forward to it.

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