India Pear & Rye Old Fashioned

Workhorse Rye India Pear Bitters & George Dickle Rye Old Fashioned Cocktail

An earthy sweet Friday afternoon treat.

For its price, George Dickel rye is a a stellar example of a mid-shelf rye that holds its own in a market full of new craft and artisinal offerings. With a 95% rye mashbill it’s got all the rye sweetness and spice sans the usual alcohol bitterness that accompanies most Canadian rye’s.

Workhorse Rye recently sent me some of their India Pear bitters and I thought their tart, earthy tones would match up well and reign in the sweetness of the whiskey and sugar in an Old Fashioned and they did quite an excellent job, though I used a bit more than I normally would, about half a sleeve.

India Pear Bitters & George Dickel Rye Old Fashioned

Douse the sugar cube with the water and bitters, muddling until at least all large crystals are dissolved. Add whiskey and an ice cube, stir to combine. I left this one sans garnish mostly because I didn’t have any pears on hand and it didn’t need any additional complexity.


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