Everyone Goes Away In The End

Lyrics from the Nine Inch Nails song "Hurt" by Trent Reznor with Whiskey

You could have it all…

Though Trent Reznor has been sober since 2001, drugs and alcohol played major influences in his early work and writing. A lack of vice hasn’t kept Mr. Reznor from creating fantastic music and art, despite the lack of a liquid or chemical muse he’s managed to not only stay relevant but win numerous awards and accolades.

I advocate for intoxication in moderation and at your will & whimsy, I’ll never judge anyone for their sobriety. Art, regardless of form, comes from within. Much like pain, regardless of how you feel it, express it, or work through it, will always find a way in and out of you and finding the best ways to channel that can always lead to some spectacular works if you’re so inclined.

Cheers, whether it’s whiskey or water, and may your scars only make you stronger.

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