CocktailCrate: Maple Whiskey Sour

Cocktail Crate's Maple Whiskey Sour Mixer with Bulleit Bourbon

Whiskey Sour Sunday’s should be a thing…

I decided to break out Cocktail Crate’sMaple Whiskey Sour” mixer this afternoon, it’s the only one I haven’t tried so far from the batch they sent me. If you don’t know, Cocktail Crate makes craft mixers that go above and beyond the traditional sugary and straight to the point bar mixers. I for one, could go the rest of my life without tasting sour mix in a drink ever again, so it’s delightful to see folks like these coming up with quality classic flavours and new twists like this.

In the interest of honesty, I’m not the biggest fan of whiskey sour’s, they’re generally either too sweet or too tart and the bourbon tends to get lost in it. Cocktail Crate recommends a 1 to 1 ratio of their mixer and whiskey, shaken over ice, and strained. As you can see I used Bulleit Bourbon, which comes in slightly over proof and I hoped it would push its way through. The mixer is very well balanced, you definitely get the lemon but it isn’t overpowering and won’t make you pucker up, I’m sure that’s helped by the maple syrup element there. Despite the nice balance, I would recommend a 1 to .75 ratio of whiskey to the Maple Whiskey Sour, though that’s just personal preference.

This mixer contains bitters and I can definitely feel them on my palate now that I’m done drinking but next time I use it I think I’m going to kick it up a notch and add some with a bit of cinnamon and spice like Jack Rudy’s Aromatic Bitters or Dashfire’s Brandy Old Fashioned bitters.

Mixers like these are often looked down upon by purists, but really shouldn’t be. They’re fantastic when holding a party or serving for a crowd when you have to crank out a lot of drinks and need them done quickly and with a certain consistency. If whiskey sour’s are your thing I definitely recommend checking this out it’s much more even than juicing your own lemons and trying to get the right amount of powdered sugar into the mix. Plus, I have a feeling this would pair very well with Tequila also, as most citrus based things do.

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