Bob Dylan & a great punchline

When you asked me how I was doing, was that some kind of a joke? Quote by Bob Dylan with Whiskey


I’ve always been firmly of the believe that either you’re a Cash man, or a Dylan man. Neither are inherently right or wrong, but as I’ve grown I’ve grown to appreciate more of the latter’s words even though I still don’t enjoy his music.

I’ve never been much for small talk, either, especially amongst my closest friends. I’d like to think the general conventions of social niceties and platitudes need not apply unless expressly desired, and lord knows I hate being coddled. Either way, I’m glad for those that know me well enough to speak their mind and to the heart of things, and those that appreciate when I return the favour.

Cheers Mr. Dylan, a legend and a man who knows how to get to the point in just a few words.

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