Beehive Bitters Co. Lemon Release

Beehive Bitters Co. Lemon Bitters Release

The third release in their initial citrus line.

I’ve been a big fan of Beehive Bitters Co. ever since I first started following them on Instagram. Mike, from Beehive, loves bitters and has always been very kind to me, usually including an extra bottle with my orders for me to give away on my Instagram or to my friends. Beehive released their Lemon Bitters a few weeks ago, the final for now] in their initial run of citrus bitters after their inaugural release of Spiced Orange, followed by Lime, and a special limited Caramelized Orange release as well.

Their lemon bitters are clearly representative of their namesake citrus but also feature notes of spicy ginger up front, as well as the dull sweet / tartness of goji berries on the finish. They’re mildly bitter and aren’t too harsh when tasted alone, which is consistent with Beehive’s previous releases. They ultimately remind me of Lemonhead candies that I used to love as a child.

These bitters will find themselves right at home in most gin based cocktails that could use a bit of a citrus kick [especially if the gin favours the botanicals instead of citrus.] When it comes to whiskey they could add an extra layer of complexity to a julep a Horses Neck, or sweet vermouth based cocktails like a Negroni to give it a little bit of a tart balance.

Like all Beehive Bitters Co. releases, these are extremely affordable at only $9.95 so pick yourself up a bottle on Etsy. On October 9th, Beehive will be releasing their Coffee & Cacao bitters so keep your eyes peeled.

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