Bar Lab Lim’Tonik Bitters Review

Bar Lab Lim'Tonik Bitters

Bar science!

Local Montreal watering hole, Bar Lab, released their first foray into cocktail bitters this summer in the form of their Lim’Tonik lime bitters. Lab is an excellent cocktail bar with some of the most top shelf bartenders in the city and have previously released a successful line of flavoured cocktail syrups and tonics; so it was only natural that their next release was in the realm of bitters.

Lime was the base for these bitters but it also contains notes of angelica, dandelion, coriander, cardamom, star anise, citrus oil, and the bittering agents are quinine & gentian which give these a pretty hefty lingering bitter numbness to your tongue. These are a very bright and vibrant bitters, the citrus pop and the underlying herbal notes of cardamom, coriander, and the dull licorice taste of anise make these great in a number of drinks and pair very well with vermouths and give a delicious citrus nuance to lighter drinks such as gin & tonic’s, martini’s, and the like, or further enhance ‘sours’ and punches.

For the release event they served up several cocktails that used their Lim’Tonik bitters and the Peat Martini was by far my favourite. Check out the recipe HERE and grab yourself a bottle of the bitters HERE to up your citrus bitters game that much more.

Bar Le Lab Lim'Tonik Bitters at Alambika

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